Sam Shapter

Sam Shapter

Area Manager

Sam’s interest started 18 years ago when she asked her mum to get her a snake for Christmas, she was terrified! Luckily she persuaded her to get over her fears and she was finally allowed her first snake, a Western Hognose. Her mum then became so enamoured by her that their collection at home started to grow!

Next, they had a couple of Leopard Geckos and then a Corn Snake that was a rescue. Sam’s mum got so involved with the reptiles, she sold her business and after a lot of research and learning she began Sam’s Species Reptile Rescue and Sanctuary.

They now have over 450 reptiles in their home! This includes monitor lizards, iguanas, various dragons, tortoises, snakes all the way up to  big Burmese and rock pythons. They also have a lot of arachnids and amphibians. Sam’s main passions in the reptile world are tortoises, big snakes and monitor lizards.

Sam has had a lot of success with breeding reptiles during her time at Northampton Reptile Centre and also at home. She has bred collared lizards, various geckos, tortoises, chameleons, Rankin’s and bearded dragons, corns and king snakes and common boas.

Its not just herps in her collection though, she also has parrots, ferrets, pygmy hedgehogs, dogs and cats. Sam also has a lot of experience in the parrot world too, being lucky enough to hand rear some very exotic birds.

When not working as the Northampton Reptile Manager, Sam is helping her mum with all the animals at home, so you could say it has taken over her life!

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